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Dehradun real estate

         Before Dehradun became Capital in 2000

Ratio of Business vs Service Class :



The Ratio of Business vs Service Class 30:70
• Therefore the economy was driven mainly by service class.
Service organization who give employment under IIP (Indian Institute of Petroleum) ONGC, IMA, FRI & Survey of India
 A dream location for people to settle when they retire.


Investment and Real Estate
 Investment was done mainly in the city in small plots which were ideal to make a house for an end user or a builder size ranging between 200 sq yd .
 No investments were made in agricultural land or land outside municipal units.

Real Estate

It was mainly driven by end users for their house. 

Service Class : As stated earlier it was driven by service class people. Dehradun was once a city with highest density of two wheelers in Asia and the core reason was the ease with which a service class could get a loan.
Educational Hub : Doon was always an educational hub but before Uttrakhand was made, it was known for quality school education which again gave a boom to the economy.
Tourism : It has been famous for places like Mussoorie which gave economy an extra pump.

After Uttarakhand was formed and Dehradun was made Capital of the State in 2000 :

Rapid change happened as expected

• Urbanization: Investments started pouring in rural areas, development because of better connectivity.
• Exposure: People of Doon got the exposure because of new opportunities which came their way in IT Sector an Industrialisation

After Uttarakhand was formed and Dehradun was made Capital of the State in 2003 :

• Education: Doon which was once known for school education went into specialization of higher education with colleges being opened in engineering, medical and law. These colleges made students from the hill region, parts of UP to come to Doon for higher education.

• Corporate: Being a capital all corporate houses and banks opened up their branches in Doon which gave commercial sector a great boom.


Before 2010 :

Investor :
Buy and Sell of plots ideal for builder homes

 End User : Either buy plots or buy a villa in a posh locality as he was unable to get small plots which were already acquired by builders
Economy of Dehradun

Since Last 5 Years….


 Developers have eyed Doon Market. There have been developers like Unitech, Collage, GTM, Adarsh Buildwell and Pacific who have launched their projects and are getting a good response.


The reason we see why the projects are receiving such a good response:

• The land cost has gone so high that its out for the locals to invest.
 Majority of people investing are service class in Corporate or Defense or Merchant Navy who feel secure to have a flat which can be easily managed than a plot which is difficult to maintain without their presence.
• Another major reason being return on investment (ROI) they receive while investing with a builder in commercial as well as residential
• Lot of investment is coming from parents who have their children studying in schools like Welham and Doon for their own purpose.
 Another set of people who have sent their children for higher studies buy a flat with a reputed local developer or a branded developer from NCR for a temporary stay of their child as they save on rent to be paid as well as the appreciation they receive is   to their liking.

The reason we see why the projects are receiving such a good response:

• Corporate sectors like ONGC, Banks and teachers association are looking forward to safe investments with a funding from bank.

• Thus a common man of Doon is now common for investment. As investment in real estate is coming virtually from every home.

The amount invested in projects varies from 35 Lacs to 2 Crore with 80% of total comes below 1 Crore.

• We certainly believe the luxury segment which still has a vacuum to be filled up by the residential projects. Hopefully this would be taken care   by new developers entering the Dehradun market.